The steps you take in controlling your outcome will greater increase the chance for client success!

What works, you duplicate it. You don’t fret over what needs to change or be improved upon, just do it.

If you are really looking to scale your business, your systems and processes have to be in place! Currently, could you hand off a new project task list to a new employee and they would manage to get a lot of it done with minimal guidance? If you are having a hard time having talented people work your project, maybe the issue is within the system.

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. – James Baldwin

Whats The Course Of Action?

Setup a project management system like Trello (video tutorial here)

Knowing what is ahead, what was accomplished, and where your’e standing currently is great way to run your new project. The team working for your agency will appreciate the level of detail and guidance. It will minimize time wasted wondering where you left off, what hasn’t been accomplished yet and what one should do next to help the campaign. Having a project management system takes the guest work out of your employees and gets the project along from start to finish with no cracks to file away tasks into the abyss.

We wish Trello paid us too, but we recommend it for small agencies for the fact that it is Free to start and easy to grow into and sale (which is what we are all about!).