How important is the User Experience to your clients businesses? When speaking on the User Experience ( UX ), the most important factors for users and for Google mainly, are low load times, clean legible / robot friendly framework, and actually useful content that answers the users question and/or intent.

It amazes many in the industry to find websites without any clear method to a call to action. Sure, you normally come across a contact form on the contact page, but rarely do you get a call now placed correctly, only to have to dig around for a hidden number, sales page or button.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. – Albert Einstein.

Make sure you hit the main objectives when a user hits any website = Do I know, like and trust you?

This can easily be accomplished with a simple design and user interface.

Know You

Marketing plays a role in “do they know you”.  For instance, has the user:

  • Seen an Ad or Brand Logo?
  • Opened an eMail with your Messaging and Branding?
  • Visited your website prior and is inundated by retargeting campaigns?
  • Came across your Social Profile?
  • Read an article that you posted on a blog?
  • Found your business on Google Maps?
  • Clicked your Ad on Google?
  • Filtered through the SERPS to find..?

You get the point. If none of this happened then a user in all point and cases are meeting you for the very first time.

Hi, does this feel awkward? It can.. especially if they don’t

Like You

Everyone is told not to judge a book by its cover, but thats a major role online. A user has to judge a website or entity based on what they see and gather at first glance before they take the main action, whether a purchase, a call or signup.

You have to give them the opportunity to trust you, is their a face or personality attached to the business? Show that.

Is there a team in a tightly packed corner office? Show that too.

Authenticity plays a major role in giving the user an opportunity to like you. You also want to get the right target customer avatar in mind when speaking to your audience, that will help heaps in connecting with your specific users and build likability right away!

Trust You

When you combine the know you with the like you, the trust you is just a step away.

Trust plays off the others but embodies an about us page, your unique selling propositions (usp’s) and any guarantee that provides security.

Security, Authenticity and the right Jargon will be baked into your content, your design and layouts.

Implementing the Know Like and Trust you model can improve your conversion rates leaps and bounds!